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Broncolor book "The Photographic Flash - A concise illustrated history" P. Bron, P.L. Condax, English edition Literature

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Broncolor book "The Photographic Flash - A concise illustrated history" P. Bron, P.L. Condax, English edition Literature

Our company, founded in 1958, with its three product brands, broncolor, VISATEC and kobold, has developed over the past halfcentury into a “global player” in
the international market for professional lighting systems. Today we serve three business sectors: professional photography, broadcasting/TV, and events. We chose
“50 Light-Years Ahead” as the slogan for our jubilee year in 2008. This statement also reflects our commitment for the future.

The challenge of consistently meeting your needs and repeatedly surprising you with innovations is our motivation – and light our passion. Essentially, we have much in common.
Every day and with every new assignment you are challenged to create different, surprising, more refined images. In this we want to offer you our full support. We take
advantage of every personal contact with your colleagues all over the world to ask which solutions would help them meet their daily challenges. The latest innovations
from broncolor, which regularly achieve worldwide recognition, grow from these valuable inputs and the untiring efforts of our engineers in pursuit of technological

But in parallel with this spirit of innovation, the quality and reliability, that you expect in your daily work in the studio or on location, has lost none of its traditional high importance. Every unit that leaves our production facilities undergoes exhaustive functional testing.

Wherever possible, new developments are made compatible with earlier models. Systematically implemented over the years, this philosophy has enriched the broncolor
product line to such an extent that it leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of operating convenience, long-term value and reliability. On our website, www.broncolor.
com, you will find detailed information about the entire broncolor product line. Judge for yourself! On the following pages we present the current broncolor product line.
We look forward to counting you among our satisfied customers for many years to come. And we stand by that.

Illustrated History of the Flash
Thorough Timeline of Events

The Photographic Flash: A Concise Illustrated History published by Sinar Bron Imaging is a review of the progress that has occurred over the past century concerning the development and refinement of creating a flash of bright light for use in photography. The book is co-authored by Pierre Bron, co-founder of Bron Elektronik AG, and Philip Condax, former director and curator of technology at the George Eastman House, and spans the history of using flashes of light in order to achieve proper photographic exposure. This book provides a timeline throughout the history of artificial light including creating flashes using chemical means, the first battery pack in 1941, and up to modern high-power strobe packs.

Note: This book is written in English.
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