• Broncolor Mobil A2L RFS 2 incl. rechargeable lead battery and charger Power Packs

Broncolor Mobil A2L RFS 2 incl. rechargeable lead battery and charger Power Packs

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  • Broncolor Mobil A2L RFS 2 incl. rechargeable lead battery and charger Power Packs
  • Broncolor Mobil A2L RFS 2 incl. rechargeable lead battery and charger Power Packs
Broncolor Mobil A2L RFS 2 incl. rechargeable lead battery and charger Power Packs

The Mobil A2L Power Pack from Broncolor with lead technology is capable of offering 170 flash releases and weighs 20.3 lb (9.2kg). It is compatible with the broad range of Broncolor reflectors and light shapers. The Mobil A2L is a power pack for anyone searching for challenges outside the studio.

Wide Control Range
The flash energy of the Mobil A2L has a control range of 4 f-stops in 1/10 f-stop intervals, distributed to 1 or 2 lamps. This makes it possible to adapt the light to difficult situations. With two lamps and in the asymmetric mode, a control range of up to 7 f-stops is available.
Symmetric and Asymmetric
Power distribution can be set to symmetric or asymmetric, depending on your requirements. In the asymmetric mode, the power distribution can be set to 70/30% or 80/20%.
Always on Hand

The Mobil A2L power pack is mains-independent. It is lightweight and compact: suitable for outdoor shootings and very convenient to carry along. The special locking device and the ejector spring let you replace the rechargeable battery in no time at all. The battery of the Mobil A2L has no memory effect and can be used in any orientation. When you replace the battery, the settings are retained for a short period of time.
Ample Power
The Mobil A2L delivers up to 130 flashes per charge at full output and even 170 flashes in the normal charging mode. At minimal flash output, you can get 2,500 flashes out of a charge (without modeling light) - plenty of scope for creative sessions.
The Mobil A2L weighs 20.3 lb (9.2kg) and is smaller than a camera case. Its ingenious design without protruding edges makes it easy to transport. Shedding light on location becomes pure pleasure.
Short Charging Times
At full output, the charging time of the Mobil A2L is 2.9 seconds. When the output is reduced by one step, it is only 2 seconds, and at minimal output, it is a mere 0.8 seconds.
Short Flash Times
The flash durations are also convincing: even at full output (1200 J), the flash discharge of the Mobil A2L is a mere 1/680 seconds, and when two lamps are connected even only 1/1100 seconds (t 0.5).
Ideal in the Studio as Well
With this flash unit, you can simultaneously flash and recharge the battery when you are connected to a mains power outlet. The Mobil A2L can be used with all Broncolor lamps up to 3200 J (without modeling light). The Broncolor charger makes it possible to recharge the battery via a plug in the unit or outside of the power pack. And even better - with the charger the charging time is halved to 2 hours.
Compatible with the Broncolor Product Range
The Mobil A2L is compatible with all Broncolor power packs, monolights, and lamps.
Lots of Flash and Modeling Light
At a distance of 6.5' (2m) and with a light angle of 130°, the exposure meter indicates an f-stop number of 22 4/10. With a Pulso G lamp and a focused P70 reflector, more than 2 additional f-stops are possible: 45 5/10! The selectable switch-off setting feature of the modeling light conserves the battery and can be set in steps of 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 seconds. This increases the number of flashes per charge. As an additional feature, the Mobil A2L offers a function that enables permanent operation of the modeling light. It is especially helpful for small video shoots in conjunction with the MobiLED lamp and its LED modeling light.
Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid
The Mobil A2L is a real alternative for lots of light and effective lighting because it can be used both in the studio and on location.
Analog and Digital
Thanks to flash voltage stabilization within 0.5 %, incorrect exposures are excluded even with multishot sequences.
With Radio-Frequency Release
The RFS (Radio Frequency System) triggers the flash unit over distances of approximately 984' (300m) outdoors. The RF signal penetrates thin separating walls. The Broncolor RFS transmitter is used for triggering the flash units. In addition to the sync cable connection and the manual release key, the Mobil A2L is also equipped with a selectable photocell. You can thus trigger flashes wirelessly using the IRX 2 infrared transmitter up to a distance of 33' (10m).
Reliable Operation
The clearly arranged front panel with a dustproof silicone keypad and digital display minimizes operating errors and provides detailed data regarding the selected output values. Wear-free and rugged keys and switches enhance functional reliability. The LCD display shows the selected total energy, and the illuminated keys are easily readable even in a dark environment. When the output is reduced, the excess energy is discharged internally. This means that you always flash with the output you have selected. The visual fire-down indicator shows whether all connected flash tubes have fired and lets you know when the unit is ready for operation.

Energy Flash: 1200 J
F-Stop At a distance of 78.7" (2 m), 100 ISO: 64 1/10 (reflector P70 with MobiLED)
Flash Duration t 0.1 (t 0.5): 1 lamp 1/230 (1/680) seconds, 2 lamps 1/360 (1/1100) seconds with symmetric power distribution
Charging Time 0.8 to 2.9 seconds fast charge mode, 1.2 to 5 seconds normal charge mode 1
Please Note:

For 100% of the selected energy
Ready Indication Visual and audible (can be deactivated), signals when 100% of selected energy is reached
Outlets Lamp: 2
Power Distribution Symmetric/Asymmetric: 50/50%, 70/30%, and 80/20%
Controls Fully illuminated silicone keyboard, resistant to dust and scratches, and LCD display
Control Range Over 4 f-stops in 1/10 f-stop intervals (1:16) with asymmetry up to 7 f-stops
Modeling Light Halogen: 2 × 100 W or 1 × 100 W LED, 2 × 30 W or 1 × 30 W
Selectable switch-off time setting limited to 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 seconds to conserve the battery, or continuous operation.
Flash Release Manual release button, sync cable, photocell (can be deactivated), or wireless via built-in selectable infrared receiver IRX 2, and radio receiver RFS 2 transceiver
Radio Release: Operating distance outdoors up to 164' (50 m) (possible range up to 656' (200 m)), operating distance indoors up to 98' (30 m) (maximum range up to 656' (200 m))
Rechargeable Battery Type 12 V / 12 Ah
Number of Flashes @ Full Power Fast Charge: Approximately 130
Normal Charge: Approximately 170
Voltage Stabilized Flash Voltage: +/- 0.5%
Dimensions 9.4 x 5 x 11.6" (240 × 152 × 294 mm)
Weight 20.3 lb (9.2 kg)
Shipping Info
Shipping Weight 20.3 lb
Box Dimensions (WxHxD) 0.0 x 0.0 x 0.0
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