• MARS P4 Lite Combo padobran za dron DJI Phantom 4

MARS P4 Lite Combo padobran za dron DJI Phantom 4

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  • MARS P4 Lite Combo padobran za dron DJI Phantom 4
  • MARS P4 Lite Combo padobran za dron DJI Phantom 4
MARS P4 Lite Combo padobran za dron DJI Phantom 4


- Incredibly Light Weight
- Compact Footprint
- Low Cost
- Simplistic Design
- Specifically Designed for the Phantom 4
- Incredibly Easy to Install

In the age of continued UAS safety & scrutiny, never has the time been more right to implement a true aerial safety recovery system when it comes to safe & sane drone based flight. Without an effective backup system in place, every flight is an unnecessary risk that simply shouldn’t be taken.

Pressing forward with continual innovation, MARS Parachutes debuts the Phantom P4 Lite Series, offering an all new dimension of safety & security in a light weight, compact design. This system has been refined & refreshed, offering all new capability to the Phantom P4 with massive levels of safety & sanity with every flight above.

Debuting a completely new mounting design, MARS Parachutes has designed the P4 Lite system to attach via cable ties, negating the hassle of disassembling the Phantom for proper installation. This system is light weight, compact and easy to utilize, and with its minimalistic layout, additions like the Mayday board for auto parachute deployment makes completion of this system simple beyond belief.

Incorporating an updated 45” parachute system, MARS has boosted the parachute size to aid safe recovery of the Phantom 4, allowing the aircraft to descend in safety via the larger parachute canopy. This aerodynamically deployed parachute system is brilliantly packaged with an ultra small footprint, allowing the Phantom P4 to maintain its sleek profile with an augmented realm of safety few drone based aircraft will ever achieve.

Protect your investment and reduce your risks in flight. The MARS Parachutes Phantom P4 Lite is the ultimate low cost, light weight parachute recovery system that is tried, tested and most important of all, proven.


Weight: 3.1oz (88g)
Parachute Deployment: Gravity / Aerodynamic Drag Parachute
Size: 45” (114.3cm)
Servo Type: Analog


MARS P4 Lite Combo Parachute
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