• Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer

Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer

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  • Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer
  • Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer
  • Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer
  • Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer
Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer


The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 is designed for motion and still image capturers who must produce quality results with proper subject color while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. A full-spectrum color meter, the C-700 can precisely measure LED, HMI, and Fluorescent as well as tungsten and natural light.

The C-700 series is the only spectrometer to offer wireless triggering and measuring of electronic flash units. Selective zone control provides specific triggering and measuring of a flash group or unit.

Wide measuring range:

Correlated color temperature (1,600 to 40,000K)
Illuminance (1 to 200,000lx)
Intuitive color touch screens offer easy navigation through Spectral distribution, lighting comparisons, CRI color data and more.

Precise measurement of LED, HMI Fluorescent, Tungsten and the natural light spectrum
The C-700 series incorporates a CMOS linear sensor, that measures and evaluates the true color temperature of a light source from 380 to 780 nanometers (nm) in 1 nm output wavelength increments. What makes the C-700 series truly unique and exceptional is its ability to not only measure conventional light sources but also emerging light source technology. Its exclusive ability to measure in 1 (nm) i ncrements captures spikes in light source output, especially fluorescent and LED sources, providing unmatched color measurement accuracy. The C-700 series conforms to the requirements for Class A of JIS C 1609-1:2006 (illuminance meter part 1).

Flash measurement
The C-700 series measures electronic flash and displays color data for accurate white balance, camera and light source filtration and spectral color precision. Color temperature reads are dis-played in Kelvin and illuminance readings in lux or lux sec. Electronic flash units are triggered and measured by PC cord, cordless mode or with the C-700R built-in PocketWizard wireless triggering system.

Wide Measuring Range of Color Temperature and Illuminance
A wide correlated color temperature range (1,600 to 40,000K) and illuminance (1 to 200,000lx) offer the flexibility and accuracy to measure any light source in any demanding studio or on-location production.

Various Displays
Intuitive color touch screens offer easy navigation, quick selection and easy to read measurements and Spectral data.

The TEXT screen displays user selected measurement values. Real time measurements appear and are updated after every reading, next to their light measurement values.

The Main screen offers quick selection of many of the C700 series functions at a touch of a finger.

The CRI screen displays the standard color reference values (including R1 thru 15) as a percentage of the light sources ability to reproduce a color accurately, as compared to the Ra standard.

The Spectrum screen displays the spectral energy distribution of a source in real time. It can be displayed as a graph and data or full screen


Sensor: CMOS linear image sensor
Spectral Wavelength Range: 380nm to 780nm
Output Wavelength Pitch: 1nm
Measuring Range: Ambient light (1 to 200,000lx0.09 to 18,600fc)
Flash Light (20 to 20,500lxs)
Accuracy 4, 5 (Standard Illuminant : Illuminance: 51 (1 to 3,000 lx), 7.5MK1digit (3,000 to 200,000 lx) of displayed v
CCT: 4MK-1 (Standard Illuminant A, 800 lx)
Repeatability (xyStandard Illuminant A: Illuminance: 1+1 digit (30 to 200,000 lx), 5+1 digit (1 to 30 lx) of displayed value
CCT: 2MK-1 (500 to 100,000 lx)
CCT: 4MK-1 (100 to 500 lx)
CCT: 8MK-1 (30 to 100 lx)
CCT: 17MK-1 (5 to 30 lx)
Visible-region Relative Spectral Re-sponse Characteristics (f): Within 9
Cosine Response (f2): Within 6
Temperatutre Drift (fT): Illuminance: 5 of displayed value
CCT: 12MK-1 (Standard Illuminant A, 1,000lx)
Humidity Drift (fH): Illuminance: 3 of displayed value
CCT: 12MK-1 (Standard Illuminant A, 1,000lx)
Power Source: AA (1.5V) x 2 pcs, USB bus power
Measurement TIme: Ambient Max.: 15 sec.
Ambient Min.: 0.5 sec.
Flash: 1 to 1/500s (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps) also 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
Measuring Modes: Text mode, Spectral graph mode, CRI mode, Lighting filter mode, Camera filter mode, Spectral compari-son mode, Multi Lighting Mode, White Balance Mode
Other Functions: Digital/Film mode, Data memory: 99 data, Preset Function, Auto power off, Auto Dimmer
Display languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
Interface: USB 2.0
Operating Temperature: -10 to 40 deg. C
Storage Temperature: -10 to 60 deg. C
Dimensions: 73w x 183h x 27d (body), 40d (light receiving part) mm (2.9w x 7.2h x 1.1d, 1.6d inches)
Weight: 230g (C-700), 238g (C-700R) without batteries


Sekonic C-700 SpectroMaster svijetlomjer

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