Mantona AS-40-1S Quick Release Plate 40x38mm Arca-swiss pločica za glavu stativa (342274)

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Mantona AS-40-1S Quick Release Plate 40x38mm Arca-swiss pločica za glavu stativa (342274)


This quick-release plate is suitable for all tripod heads and ball heads, sliders or panheads with an Arca Swiss-compatible quick-release system. The quick-release plate comprises a light and very sturdy aluminium alloy and is milled using CNC technology and and then black-anodised. This ensures perfect precision and a scratch-free surface.

The anti-slip rubber buffer on the upper side, in conjunction with the integrated fall protection pins, ensure your equipment is securely held in the tripod head. The 1/4-inch camera fixation screw can be screwed on without any tools using the D-ring mounted on the rear.

The plate is compatible with all mantona tripods and with the models of other leading manufacturers.

Perfect for use with several cameras
A quick-release plate (also called a camera plate) is often used in photography and video shoots and is a very practical accessory for tripod heads. Frequently screwing the tripod on and off the tripod (for example, when using several cameras), is often time-wasting and disruptive. This problem can be solved by using this quick-release plate. These plates are screwed on to the camera housing using the existing thread screw (1/4 inch) and then simply remain on the camera.

With a very easy-to-operate locking mechanism on the tripod head, the camera can be simply inserted and removed in a very short time.

Fully Arca Swiss-compatible and high-precision manufacture
Very sturdy and light aluminium alloy, CNC-milled and black-anodised
Length: 40 mm
Width: 38 mm
Height: 10 mm
Weight: 35 g
Incl. 1/4-inch screw for fixing the camera, tool-free screwing thanks to the D-ring mechanism on the rear
Rubber coating and fall protection pins
Using a 1/4 to 3/8-inch adapter – which can be obtained separately – 3/8 inch devices can, of course, also be attached


Compatible quick change systems Arca Swiss
Length quick change plate 40mm
Width Quick Change Plate 38mm
Height quick release plate 10mm
Weight quick change plate 35g
Camera connection 1/4 inch
Possibilities fastening connecting screws D-ring, groove/slit
Removable with fall arrest Yes
Compatible photo tripods/ball heads Mantona DSLM Travel Series, Mantona DSLM Travel Evolution series , Mantona kaleido Mini series, Mantona Onyx series, Mantona Fortress Series, Generell Arca Swiss ball head systems
Suitable for Arca Swiss quick release clip, Arca Swiss compatible quick release adapter


Mantona AS-40-1S Quick Release Plate 40x38mm Arca-swiss pločica za glavu stativa
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